It was open mic night at Vintage 22 in the 800 block of East Main  Wednesday when two friends decided to leave the back outside area of the bar to go inside and order another drink. 

 When they came out a few minutes later, Lee Renfro and his friend Brian Fisk saw a red 2007 Chevy Cobalt backing out  onto main street. 

 At the same time, according to police reports, he noticed his acoustic/electrical guitars missing.

 To prevent the Cobalt from leaving with what he believed were his musical instruments, Renfro stepped into the street in front of the car. 

 The driver of the car, later identified as Darryl Green, was reported to have accelerated forward, striking Renfro.

  The impact, Renfro said, threw him into the front windshield on the passenger side, shattering it. His knee was also injured in the impact and Renfro reported sore ribs, but there were no reports of hospitalization.


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