ADA – The ProStart course is a new addition to the Byng Family and Consumer Sciences program. ProStart is a school-to-career program created by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation that gives students real skills, real knowledge and real jobs.

Based on input from restaurant and hospitality professionals nationwide, ProStart is designed to give high school juniors and seniors work experience combined with a practical curriculum that imparts real-world skills and food service concepts.

The program introduces students to ideas not normally found in traditional programs – topics like customer relations, accounting, food cost controls, and marketing.

Industry-based and teacher-tested materials make the ProStart curriculum relevant to a student's future – whether they are going on to postsecondary or out into the workforce.

The program offers training, competition, and scholarships, as well as national certification thanks to the Oklahoma Restaurant Association.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the number of restaurant an foodservice industry jobs during the period of 2005 to 2014 will increase by approximately 1.8 million.

, of which approximately 45,000 will be management positions. By teaming Mentors from the restaurant industry with students in these courses, students can learn more about the opportunities available.

Brenda J. Smith

Byng Family and Consumer Sciences/ ProStart

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Chef Nakatla Fredenberg demonstrates his recipe for Pesto.

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