Tom Stephens, Ada, was honored recently by Oklahoma Retired Educators Association as a Very Important Member.

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Tom Stephens, member of Pontotoc County Retired Educators, is one of 36 educators from across the state to recently be honored by Oklahoma Retired Educators Association. They were  recognized May 11 at the 60th annual convention held at the Marriott Oklahoma City Hotel and Conference Center located at 3233 Northwest Expressway.

The honorees were recognized as members of the Association’s VIM (Very Important Member) project, a state OREA project designed to honor members of local retired teachers associations.

Local units choose their own VIM or VIMs. Honorees will have a brief life story and picture placed in the Oklahoma Archives of the University of Central Oklahoma’s Library and at the Oklahoma Historical Society.

Designation as a VIM is a coveted award, and the stories about members are both interesting and informative. Some schools attended or taught by VIM members no longer exist, and their biographies may be the only historical record of their existence.

A look at the VIM Roll of Honor would recall many leaders of the past, including past presidents, classroom teachers, principals and school administrators. The VIM Project began in 1990 with nine members. This year there are thirty-six.



The regular meeting of the Daughters of the American Revolution Chimney Hill Chapter was held March 13 at the Ada Arts and Heritage Building.

 The opening ritual was led by Regent Dana Hill.  Lorraine Hooker led the Pledge of Allegiance, Suzanne McFarlane led the American’s Creed, and the Star Spangled Banner was led by Ruth Ann Taylor.

 Regent Dana Hill gave the President General’s message which was about the 121st Continental Congress and also about some needed repair work to the DAR Administration Building.

The National Defense Report was given by Cynthia Meeks.

Historian Ann Klepper reported that the scrapbook is finished and requested that members assist her in collecting information to include in future scrapbooks.  She also mentioned that she and Lorraine Hooker are working on a project involving the showing of a DVD entitled “Let Freedom Ring” to area history teachers and students.  The DVD contains stories from Belgium regarding the loss of freedom under Nazi Germany occupation during World War II.

In the absence of secretary Debra Ross, the minutes of the previous meeting were read by Mary Scalf.  The minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer Suzanne McFarlane reported on all accounts.   The report was accepted and filed for audit.

Jessie Glover gave the Membership Committee report.

The Native American Committee report was presented by Mary Pfeffer who told a story about why the Cheyenne Indians started using eagle feathers on their war bonnets.

The program was presented by Cheryl Weems, Director of the Laboratory at Valley View Regional Hospital in Ada.  She explained various lab tests, including how to interpret them and what each test tells us about our general health.

Members approved going forward with the DVD program for area history teachers and students.

Regent Dana Hill reported that Ruth Ann Taylor and Lorraine Hooker have credentials to attend the State Conference in April.

Hostesses were Linda Leach, Jean Kelly, Arletta Good, and Erna Leach.

The door prize was won by Janet Barrett.

Attending were Betty Allred, Karen Anderson, Janet Barrett, Carlene Benson, Marjorie Cerney, Myrtie Clark, JaNell Fleming, Rita Floyd, Joyce Gentry, Arletta Good, Dana Hill, Donnetta Hoggett, Lorraine Hooker, Lou Ann Hoover, Jean Kelly, Ann Klepper, Erna Leach, Linda Leach, Suzanne McFarlane, Cynthia Meeks, Mary Pfeffer, Sara Pritchett, Mary Scalf, Ruth Ann Taylor, and Jerry Wages.

Music Club

On the Wednesday Morning Music Club program for April was Janet Romanishin on flute and Starla Hibler on piano. 

Guests and members in attendance are as follows: Diana Lynd, Mary Ann Briggs, Ann Woolley, Vedo Mayhall, Jane Muntz, Sara Pritchett, Betty Williams, Anita Arbabi, Mary Criswell, Mary Keywood Deese, Lilly Hearell, Patsy Beasley, Mary Beth Myers, Monica Stittsworth, Barbara Arrington, Alberta Blackburn, Jane Johnston, Loretta Yin, Martha Rhynes, Jean Wyatt, Starla Hibler, Janet Romanishin, Dorothy Escamilla, Ruth Parkhurst, Melissa Oxford, Charlotte Oxford, Derrelyn Metz, Sara McDaniel, Norma Millsap, and Vivian Kampbell.



Oklahoma Home and Community Education group in Pontotoc County met Feb. 24 at Pontotoc County Agri-plex building. President Jodie Langwell presided.

Devotional leader Patsy Coffey gave the devotional on “7 Wonders of the World.’ She read Psalms chapters 7-8. Emmelen Allen led the group in the flag salute. The OHCE Creed was recited by all the council members led by Carolynn Pittman. Mary Hightower called roll. The new fair guidelines were reviewed by the council members.

Mary Hightower gave the Quilt Show report. The members reviewed the list of items that need to be completed before the SE District Conference.

Extension Educator Janna Kelly informed the members that the program for a youth internship training would be held in June 2012. In this 10-day program the youth would learn more about county government. 

Kim Stoncipher ask the council if they would help 4-H member Emily Taylor reach her goal of 100 pillowcases for the Department of Human Services children in Pontotoc County. The council members were scheduled to meet at the Vanoss Clubhouse  Feb. 29 to work on the pillowcases and discuss the plans for making the quilt for the storm victims.

Five counties hosted the annual Southeast District Oklahoma and Community meeting March 6 at the Methodist Church in Ada.

Vanoss HCE (Pontotoc County) won three annual awards for 2012.

Vanoss members Angela Martin won OHCE Young member of the Year; Ann Stevenson won OHCE Member of the Year; and Carolynn Pittman won Heart of OHCE for the year. This was for the SE District which included 19 counties. They will be in competition for state awards that will be presented in July in Oklahoma City.

Carolynn Pittman also was elected to serve as Southeast District Representative for 2012-2014.

Vanoss member Dixie Pennington conducted one of 25 workshops at the meeting.

Vanoss members attending were Patsy Coffey, Mary Hightower, Carolynn Pittman, Patty Rost, Ann Stevenson, Betty Orr, Angela Martin, Kathryn Floyd, Darlene Hollwager, Jodie Langwell and Emmelen Allen from Pickett HCE. Sara Prichett, a member-at-large, also represented Pontotoc county.


Prime Timers

Prime Timers met at JD’s Cafe March 20 with Tom Stephens, president, presiding.

Leonard Briley led the group in the invocation. The group joined in the Pledge of Allegiance, and "Happy Birthday"  was led by Neal Beasley to recognize those with March birthdays.

Lanny Sliger entertained the group with a few humorous stories. Ruth Ann Taylor, treasurer, presented her report and reminded members that she is still collecting dues for 2012.

Neal Beasley introduced the Men’s Quartet from the First United Methodist Church: Kent Rogers, Kelly Creed, Trey Logsdon, as well as himself. Fretta Moore accompanied the group on the piano.

Members and guests included Ted and Jackie Savage, Brynna Lane, Bobbie Sachs, Andy and Joann Hood, Pat and Fretta Moore, L.T. and Betty Williams, Neal and Patsy Beasley, Ruth Ann Taylor, Lanny Sliger, Leonard Briley, Sue Jaquess, Sharon Butler, Dr. Roberto and Dorothy Escamilla, Tom and Gerri Stephens, Bobbie Hooser, Lee and Jean Young, Kent Rogers, Kelly Creed, Trey Logsdon, Ron Keltner, Lou Moehlman, Peggy Bagley, Ruth Parkhurst, Betty Parham Vestel and Bette Cole, Don Dark, Willard and Martha Rhynes, Pat Bonar, Oliver and Z. D. Parker, and Ruby Firsching.


Prime Timers met at JD’s Cafe April 17 with Tom Stephens, president, presiding. Vestel Cole led the group in the invocation. The group joined in the Pledge of Allegiance, and "Happy Birthday" was led by Neal Beasley for those with April birthdays.

Lanny Sliger entertained with humorous stories.

Ruth Ann Taylor, treasurer, presented her report.

President Stephens introduced the speaker, Loretta Yin, who told about the Ada Artist Association, which is now 65 years old. The AAUW and Tanti Club helped organize the organization. Yin is currently president of the Ada Artist Association and reported she has some other art work on display at Papa Georgio’s and attorney Frank Stout's office. 

Members and guests present included Tom and Gerri Stephens, Juanita and Loyd Green, Bonnie Shields, Lanny Sliger, Ruth Ann Taylor, Bette and Vestel Cole, Wendell and Treva Gurley, Wayne and Liz McMullan, Patsy and Neal Beasley, Lou Moehlman, Ron Keltner, Pat Briley, Tom and Carol Vass, Leonard Briley, Betty and L.T. Williams, Andy Hood, M. E. Carr, Ruth Parkhurst, Bryna Lane, Mary Ann Briggs, and Sue Jaquess.


Prime Timers met at J.D.’s Cafeteria May 15 with Tom Stephens, president, presiding.  Wayne McMullan led the group in the invocation. "Happy Birthday/Anniversary" was led by Neal Beasley to recognize those with May birthdays and anniversaries.

Michael Ellis and Dr. Jennifer Butler who accompanied the speaker were introduced.

Ruth Ann Taylor, treasurer, presented her report. Donations were accepted for the purpose of getting the piano tuned.

Lanny Sliger entertained the group with a couple of humorous stories.

Dr. Roberto Escamilla introduced Dr. John Siegle who presented the program on nutrition and exercise. He presented many helpful hints for maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

The following were in attendance: Neal and Patsy Beasley, Pat Bonar, Mary Ann Briggs, Leonard and Pat Briley, M.E. and Mary Lou Carr, Vestel and Bette Cole, Joan Elliott, Dr. Roberto Escamilla, Loyd and Juanita Green, Wendell and Treva Gurley, Jerry Ann Henley, Jack and Pat Jones, Ron Keltner, Bryna Lane, Mike and Vicky Mapp, Wayne and Liz McMullan, Derrilyn Metz, Lou Moehlman, Betty Parham, Ruth Parkhurst, Willard and Martha Rhynes, Betty Rigsby, Bobbie Sachs, Ted and Jackie Savage, Paul Scott, Lannie Sliger, Tom and Gerri Stephens, Ruth Ann Taylor, L.T. and Betty Williams, and Lee and Jean Young.


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