In Oklahoma, voters are never randomly removed from voter rolls, according to Pontotoc County Election Board. Following is the process used by the Oklahoma election system:

Address confirmation cards are mailed out every odd-numbered year to registered voters in the state who could be potentially removed from rolls. Cards are mailed out to:

— Voters listed on the Statewide Potential Duplicate Registration Report.

— Voters for whom a mailing from a county election board was returned undeliverable within the past 24 months.

— Voters who have neither voted in any election conducted by a county election board nor initiated any voter registration change since the second previous general election.

— Voters who have surrendered their Oklahoma driver's licenses to the Department of Public Safety after receiving a driver's license in another state over the preceding 24 months.

Address confirmation cards include a return card for voters to provide their current addresses, addressed to the state election board. If no card is returned, registered voters could potentially be removed from rolls.

Pontotoc County Election Board Secretary Marilyn McDaniel said those who have been removed from the lists of registered voters will have to reregister. Deadline to register to vote and take part in the November 4 general elections is today. The county election board will be open until 5 p.m. to receive voter registration applications.

If residents wish to have their registrations returned by mail, they will have to be at the post office before 4:30 p.m. to have their registration applications postmarked by October 10. Those who are uncertain as to whether they are still registered are encouraged to contact the Pontotoc County election board at 332-4534, said McDaniel.