SHAWNEE — Doug Belshe, Kingston, will be available to sign copies of his book, “Oklahoma Boy,” from 1-3 p.m. Nov. 6 at Pot County Book Store, 109 E. Main Street, Shawnee.

It was a time of endless possibilities. As the Depression ended and World War II began, to the beginning of a new world in the early 1950s, the Oklahoma Boy knew no boundaries. In his inspiring and heartwarming memoir, Doug Belshe hearkens back to a time when boys were boys, exploring their world with wide-eyed innocence, a pinch of mischief, and a belief that the next hillside might hold a whole new world. His adventures began with his grandparents on the farms of Grady County, Oklahoma.

From the simple chores of life on the farm to the simple pleasures of time spent with his grandmother, it was an idyllic start to what would be a sometimes nomadic but always engaging adventure. As he and his brother continued to grow, they found themselves following their oilfield working father from a myriad of stops in Oklahoma, Kansas, and even Los Angeles, California. They swam raging rivers, explored canyons, hitchhiked to faraway places, and hopped freight trains. Sometimes they made the right decision, and sometimes they were in the wrong, but they were always together.

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