You may have noticed something different about today’s newspaper. In case you didn’t, the word “Evening” is missing from the top of the front page. We are no longer the Ada Evening News. As of today, we are The Ada News.

There are several reasons for this. The big one is that since we changed our production schedule several weeks ago we have started distributing the newspapers earlier in the day Monday through Friday. In most cases this means you are getting your newspaper sooner than you’re used to.

This is not lost on an astute friend of mine who has taken to calling me in the middle of the day to say he’s gotten his copy of the Ada “Mid-Day” News. As he knows, it’s not exactly morning and it’s not exactly evening and therefore “Evening” doesn’t really fit anymore.

 Unlike Monday through Friday’s afternoon delivery, for years this newspaper was delivered early on Sunday mornings. Despite this we still called it the Ada Evening News because of certain post office rules that applied specifically to those copies that were mailed. Due to the same production schedule change Sunday’s newspaper is now being delivered a bit later than you’re probably used to. 

 The second reason for the change is that our name is a lot easier to say when you take “Evening” out of it. The third reason is most people have referred to us as The Ada News for years anyway, including some folks within these very walls. 

 As it turns out, changing a name, even a minor change like this one, is a bit more complicated than it sounds. The devil, as someone has said, is in the details. Many other things, not just the top of the newspaper, have to be changed too. One such is our website whose address has changed to Fortunately, through the magic of technology our website will still show up even if you type in the old address. 

Our email addresses are shorter, too. Mine, for instance, has changed to As in the case of the website address, the good news is technology allows emails sent to us at our old addresses to automatically be forwarded to the new addresses. 

Letterhead, envelopes and billing statements all have to be changed. Not that this will happen overnight. We still have some on hand with the old name on them and we’ll keep using them until they are gone. Letters on the front of the building say “Evening News.” That will have to be changed as will the sign on the north side of the building facing Tenth Street. Both of those may take longer to get to.

People are usually resistant to change, but as mentioned earlier, for most readers the only change is that we’ve gotten in step with what they’ve been used to calling us for years anyway.

We’re glad to have finally gotten it right.