ADA — Gladiolus unit of Ada Garden Club met in the home of Marjo Hudson, Jan. 11.

The following members were present: Jane Curry, Nina Davis, Marjo Hudson, Evelyn Keefer, Juanita Sutton and Doris West.

The Gardener’s Creed and the Conservation Pledge were led by Juanita Sutton.

Nina Davis presented the program on bird houses.

She said bird houses can be an improvement to the garden. When the birds occupy them they help in controlling the insects.

Robin houses should be placed on a fence post or something similar according to Davis. Wrens sometimes build in nooks and crannies outside the house. Purple martins like their houses high on a pole. They are beneficial in controlling mosquitoes.

The hostess, Nina Davis, displayed bird houses of different designs and sizes.

The next meeting will be hosted Feb. 8 by Joyce Craig.