STRATFORD — A new school is opening this August in Pontotoc County, but sponsors say it will be more than just an educational venue for children. According to Martha Summers, school administrator, Eagle’s Nest Christian School wants to develop more than just the minds of children. It has a vision of nurturing a child’s spirit and soul by approaching a child’s educational needs from a “God perspective instead of a humanistic perspective.”

“Our school’s mission is to provide an educational opportunity for the entire child’s spirit, soul and body and to provide students with a curriculum that is Christian based,” Summers said.

Eagle’s Nest is a product of New Beginnings Church and will offer a staff of currently three teachers. Classes are intended to be small, with an anticipated 5-10 students, according to Summers, “so more one-on-one teaching can occur.” The school plans to offer classes from K-4 to fourth grade this year and gradually add at least one grade each year until a complete curriculum is offered through 12th grade.

Cost for enrollment will vary with the child’s age. All information regarding fees and enrollment is available in the enrollment packets that can be obtained at New Beginnings Church located two miles east of Stratford on State Highway 19. Eagle’s Nest is currently enrolling for the fall. For more information, contact the school at (580) 759-3535.

Eagle’s Nest is open to all children, members or non-members of New Beginnings Church. “We have a vision of meeting the total needs of a child,” Summers said.

According to Summers, enrollment is opne to any child whose parents want them to have the complete educational experience Eagle’s Nest Christian School plans to offer.

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