BYNG — Nathan and Melody Durant are back in the area for a few days, and they spoke at New Bethel Church Wednesday night.     He formerly pastured First BaptistChurch at Fittstown and, more recently, a Baptist Church at Holdenville.  He has held several services at our church, and our youth have shared the same cabin at Falls Creek, so the Durants are old friends whom we were all glad to see.  For the past two years the Durants have been involved in non-denominational mission work, “The Way of the Crosss” in Mexico and Central America.

The Durants live in Harlingen, TX, the southern-most point in Texas.  They work at church planting in Mexico on a daily basis, but they take week-long trips with groups into Central America.  According to Nathan,  the natives have welcomed preachers and church planters,  and the visitors have been pleasantly surprised   at the enthusiastic reception they have received.  

Lynn Loftin was also a guest at the Wednesday night meeting.  With his wife, Kathy, he went on a mission triip with Nathan’s group to Mexico last summer.  He spoke briefly of his experience as a “non-preaching” missionary and recommended spending as much vacation time as possible on mission trips.  “It’s a life-changing experience,” he said.


Vestel and Bette Cole are back from a week-long trip to Destin, Florida where they found their most interesting activity was  participating in a “dolphin cruise” ,which had as its purpose letting passengers become better acquainted with dolphins, particularly mother and child pairs.  A bonus tto their Florida trip was a brief visit with Gail Benedict at  Daingerfield, TX.    Gail has built a home there and shares it with her aunt.    Benedict taught at ECU a few years ago until multiple schlerosis forced her retirement.  She and the Coles were members of the same Sunday School class at First Presbyterian Church.


Class reunions are on the minds of several people in this late winter season.  I’ve heard from people who are toying with trying a 40th year and a 30th year get-together.  Now I’ve heard from someone who says, “Hey, our 20th anniversary is coming up.  Are we having a reunion?”

Mrs. Rita Engel is the mother of Major John Engel who has recently been home on leave.  He graduated from Byng in 1986 and he’d like to see his class planning a get-together some time this summer.  Anyone who had information on a reunion may call Mrs. Engel at work at 332-5311.

It’s good news to hear from the group celebrating their 35th anniversary  that their plans for a celebration are compoleete.  The committee has been in touch with all the class members and a goodly number are planning to return on June 16.  They will meet at Wintersmith Lodge for Family Night on Friday at 7 p.m.  The next day they will meet at the Student Center at Byng School for a tour of the campus between l-4 p.m..  A catered dinner will follow at 6 p.m.  For further information call Carlton Tilley at People’s Electric, 332-3031 or Paula Sturdevant, 332-2827.


I think it was Alexander Pope who said “A little learning is a dangerous thing.”, and  that is certainly the case with me.  When I know I don’t know something, I have no trouble getting the correct  information,    It’s when I think I know something and depend on my own faulty memory ,. I run into trouble.  That was the case in the past two columns in  which I made some errors and would like to apologize.  In recalling some memories of former student, Mike Brewer who died recently of lung cancer, had the maiden  name of Mike Brewer’s wife  wrong.  He married LaTresa Eubank.  (Her nickname is Bunny.)  Mike was a member of the National Guard; then he served with the Army in Vietnam, and he rejoined the NG when he came back to the States putting in a total of 13 years with the military.  Sorry, Mike.

In last week’s issue I wrote about the Flatts’s unfortunate experience with wire-eating  field rats.  I incorrectly identified the mechanic hero who fixed their engine not once, but twice, at Willard Klymer.  Actually, it was Willard’s son, Dennis, who did the deed, and they spell their name with a “C” instead of a “K”.  My apologies to both the Clymers 


Our sympathy goes to the former Kim Goodwin whose  parents, the Glenn Moodys were  involved in an auto accident near McAlester last week.   Their car was struck by a loaded sand truck whose brakes failed, according to investigators.  Her father was killed instantly and her mother was critically injured.  Kim and her first husband, Pat Goodwin, lived in the community several years ago, and attended New?Bethel Church.  Pat died as a result of colon cancer and Kim and their young twins moved to McAlester shortly afterward to be near her family.  Kim has  recently married Dr. VanTuryl of McAlester   The Goodwin twins are now in seventh grade  Kim still stays in touch with her former in-laws, Jim and Betty Goodwin.


Pat Henley is recuperating from knee replacement surgery and, although she says she is probably doing as well as can be expected,  she is a little impatient and would like to be further on the road to recovery. 

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