ADA — Nancy Elliott, long-time Ada resident and school teacher has filed as a candidate for the Chickasaw Nation tribal legislature.  “It is important for Chickasaws to take an active role in our government and the future of our nation,” Elliott said. “ I have 30 years of experience working with families.  I know the need for availability of health care, opportunities for education, quality housing and providing for our elders.  I will work to ensure the needs of our families are met.”

 Elliott has lived in Ada for 27 years and has been a teacher with the Ada School System for 23 years.  She was born to Willis B. and Leona Brown Barrick and is the granddaughter of Nathaniel T. Brown, original enrollee.  She was married to Robbie Elliott for 36 years until his passing two years ago.  She has three children, Nathan, Robyn and Rachel and three grandchildren.  Elliott completed her bachelor’s degree at East Central University in elementary education in 1983 and master’s degree in learning disabilities in 1988.  Elliott said she has served her fellow citizens in many roles including Sunday school teacher,  girl scout leader,  and volunteer for various civic organizations over the years.

 Elliott is an advocate for family and the strength of the family unit.  “Chickasaws have always believed in and been dedicated to family,” she said. “Today’s families need every opportunity to thrive and succeed.  One of my first priorities is to provide online, family educational programs designed for Chickasaws living anywhere, allowing convenience and privacy. Another service for families would allow for one-on-one counseling services through the telephone.”

“It is important that our programs and services are accessible to Chickasaws any time of the day.  A 1-800 call-in number would allow for youth and family counseling when the family can be together and receive the most value,” she said.

 “My goal as your Chickasaw legislator is to meet the needs important to you – the Chickasaw people.  We should continue working to increase and improve health care services for all Chickasaws.  Families should be provided every opportunity to raise physically, mentally and emotionally strong families.   We should continue to diversify our businesses, which will not only create new jobs and a stable economy, but will also generate more capital to finance more and more services for the Chickasaw people.”

 Elliott said increasing services to all Chickasaw elders is vitally important.  “I believe in honoring and respecting our elders.  Our senior sites are incredible places alive with spirit and activity.  We should work to expand the availability of senior site facilities so more of our elders can participate.  But, I will also work to provide additional services and care to those who are unable to leave their homes.  We should find every way possible to involve any elder who wishes to be involved,” Elliott said.

 Elliott said she has plans to expand and increase educational programs and opportunities.  “We have so many wonderful educational programs and scholarships available to Chickasaws. However, we can continue to find new and innovative methods for encouraging education and teaching new skills. There are incredible opportunities available in the world.   I will work to ensure that our students are given the tools for access to those opportunities.”

 Elliott said she has a proven record of leadership, hard work and perseverance and is dedicated to improving all aspects of life for the Chickasaw people.  For more information about Nancy Elliott, visit,

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