Elizabeth K. Newcombe, 24, Ada was arrested and charged Wednesday with Burglary 1, among numerous other charges, in a multiple crime spree that police methodically figured out as the day progressed.

Part of the day was spent at In Touch  Communications, where Newcombe is accused of stealing two employees’ billfolds and a cell phone. The alleged theft followed a series of maneuvers that kept store employees and police off balance — at least for a little while.

After Newcombe asked and received permission to use the store’s bathroom facilities at least two different times,  store employees discovered one by one, their billfolds and cell phone were missing. Newcombe was stopped by Ada Police Officer Philip  Wood, but only for a short time, in the 900 block of Corona.

Newcombe told Wood she was on her way to In Touch Communications to return the items she had taken earlier.

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