ADA — Callie Jo Bishop, 18, Ada pleaded no contest to eight counts of child abuse Thursday before Judge Thomas Landrith in district court. Bishop received a 20-year sentence for each of the eight counts to run concurrent with all but 10 years suspended. Bishop has been in the county jail since her arrest July 8, 2005, charged for abusing her 4-month-old son who was placed in protective custody.

The examining doctor at Valley View Regional Hospital noted bruising on the baby’s back and side of his head in his temple area and what appeared to be a puncture in the baby’s rib area.

Bishop admitted forcing the infant’s face into a bed mattress or pillow four times in an effort to make him stop crying in at least two incidents. The infant suffered petechiae, a broken tibia, a broken femur, a broken pelvis, injured testicles and two previously broken ribs. The petechiae condition is due to forceful pressure and was evident in the appearance of the infant’s eyes as well as the large discolored area on the side of his head and a shoulder.

Bishop was evaluated by mental health professionals and ordered to undergo a competency evaluation. After a post examination hearing, Bishop was found by the court to be legally competent and bond was reduced from $100,000 to $75,000.