Konawa’s water system is back in service, two days after the system stopped providing running water to the town’s residents.

Most residents had running water as of Wednesday afternoon and the rest should have service again by the end of the day (Wednesday), said City Manager Rita LoPresto.

“It’s coming back in slow because we’re trying not to blow any lines,” she said.

Officials are urging residents to conserve water until the service is fully restored.

Earlier this week, a problem with Konawa’s water system prevented water from flowing to the town’s 1,300 residents. LoPresto learned about the problem early Monday morning from a business concerned because its water was low.

LoPresto traced the problem to a backflow valve in a 2,000-foot transmission line between wells, located in a well field five miles south of town. The wells were producing water, but the water wasn’t making it to tanks for distribution.

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