ADA — A former Ada resident will receive formal sentencing today after a jury of his peers recently recommended six years on a Pontotoc County drug conviction.

On Dec. 6, 30-year-old David Lamont Morgan of Durant, formerly of Ada, was found guilty of possession of cocaine.

In June 2004, according to Undersheriff Joe Glover, an informant alerted authorities to the drugs in Morgan's possession. Glover located a box in Morgan's vehicle which contained approximately three grams of a white rock-like substance and several prescription pills.

The 12-person jury found Morgan guilty and recommended a six year sentence in the custody of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Glover said.

According to Glover, Morgan had four previous felony convictions in Texas. According to Oklahoma District Court records, Morgan was previously charged with domestic abuse — assault and battery, violation of the Domestic Abuse Act in the presence of children, obtaining money, property, or valuable thing by false or bogus check, operating a motor vehicle without a driver's license, and was previously under the restrictions of a protective order in Oklahoma.

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