This Tuesday an extremely important vote will be taken in Pontotoc County to decide whether or not to increase the amount you currently pay in sales taxes on your local purchases.

It isn’t sexy. In fact, so far, it’s a real sleeper. This is not the fault of Pontotoc County leaders who have worked for months in public forums, practically begging participation from the general public. Mostly what they have gotten for their trouble is a collective yawn. If the last such public information meeting is an indicator (only about 25 residents showed up), this vote that will affect what you pay in sales taxes here for the next two decades will be decided by a tiny minority.

We urge you to familiarize yourself with the issue and then vote this Tuesday.

To find out what position the Ada Evening News has taken, please turn to page four of today’s newspaper. To see what those in favor of raising your taxes think, see page seven of today’s newspaper.

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