ADA — The family of Minola Shelton met May 19 at Ada Reed Building for a family get-together and catered luncheon.

Attending were Linda and Clell Shelton, Mitch and Kathy Shelton, all of Austin, Texas; Mark, Sylvia, Nicole and Patrick O' Brien, Jerry Don and Elaine Shelton, all of Oklahoma City; Bernadine O'Brien, Mike, Nancy, and Kenzie O' Brien, Arley and Sue Johnson, Jim and Dylln Johnson, Bob and Violet Sliger, Martin and Jan Childress, Misty and Tanner Hudnall, Sherry, Jarod and Jaycee Jackson, Jeff and Linda Long, Ted and Billie Shelton, Rick, Francene, Megan Rachael and Anthony Shelton, Tim Shelton and Jennifer Price, Bobby and Joan Shelton, Jimmy, Tammy, Dustin Dew, Dakotta Dew and Katie Henson, Bill Shelton, Jerry Lynn and Shirley Shelton, William, Raylee, Ryan Shelton and Audra Lemons, Brandy Shelton, Zackery Shelton, Lindsey, Kambry and Emilio Martinez, Dredawna Morgan, Teddy and Sheila Gilliam and Elizabeth Shelton, all of Ada; Ricky, April and Kayden Shelton, Fort Worth, Texas; Terry, Wanda and Kaitlyn Smith, all of Lone Grove.

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