OKLAHOMA CITY - Today State Rep. Paul Wesselhoft and the full House of Representatives paid tribute to the memory of local news anchor Brad Edwards for his career achievements and life long dedication to his job and the state.

House Resolution 1127, by Wesselhoft, recognized Oklahoma's News Channel 4's In Your Corner investigative reporter, Brad Edwards, for his 24 years of consumer advocacy. Edwards recently passed away.

During Edward's career, Wesselhoft noted the newsman alerted viewers of numerous activities and scams that could threaten their families or finances.

Edward's achievements included shutting down an Oklahoma well operator who was dispersing toxic chemicals into a creek that supplied local residents' water. He also received an Emmy award for that 1993 investigation - "What's Wrong With the Well?"

"Brad Edwards continuously served the public in a unique and stellar capacity. He was not an elected official, not an agency head, not an ombudsman, not an administrator or government liaison; however, this compassionate and passionate man of the airwaves was often a citizen's last resort, if not last prayer, for finding answers and solving their pressing problems," said Wesselhoft, R-Moore. "He will be missed by Oklahoma, never to be replaced, and we all will remember him for always being in our corner."

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