A week after going from worst to first, Jet and Cord McCoy found themselves in last place again on “The Amazing Race” in the episode that aired Sunday.

But that was somewhat short-lived, and the professional cowboys from Oklahoma finished the ninth leg of the CBS reality show in third place, remaining alive as one of the final four teams in the race around the world for $1 million. Their finish was not without its share of drama, when the brothers struggled with their own rhythm.

After their pit stop in Penang, Malaysia, the teams made their way to the country’s city of Singapore. It was there during a challenge that the McCoys found out just how difficult drumming could be. In order to advance, they had to learn a complex routine, then perform that routine on stage. It wasn’t exactly roping a steer for the ranch-raised cowboys.

“I’ve never played drums in my life,” Jet said as the brothers made their way to the challenge. “Music is not one thing that comes naturally to us.”

When they completed the task, the stress of the experience showed.

“I never want to be a drummer,” Cord said.

It was a strong undercurrent of the McCoys’ experience in Singapore. In fact, it was the hot subject when Jet and Cord reached the pit stop and was queried by host Phil Keoghan.

“After our drumming episode …” Cord said, then paused.

“The musical instrument we play is the radio,” Jet said, finishing his brother’s thought.

But that wasn’t the only heart-pounding moment. In fact, after meeting the first challenge of the leg, the brothers faced their first major obstacle when their cab driver left them at Victoria Concert Hall. Once they secured another cab, they got back into the race.

After showing off their lack of rhythm, the McCoys made their way to the Singapore shipyards, Jet counted the links in a large chain, and the brothers made their way to the next challenge in third place. They then took a quick ride on one of Asia’s tallest and steepest zip lines, before wrapping up their portion of the race.

The brother tandem of Dan and Jordan Pious won the leg of the race, utilizing the “fast forward” challenge, in which they had to maneuver from one capsule to another at the peak of a giant Ferris wheel, something that wasn’t as easy for those who fear heights.

By accomplishing that portion of the race, the Piouses didn’t have to go through as many steps to reach the finish.

The lesbian couple team of Brandy Snow and Carol Rosenfeld were given a “u-turn” from then-leaders Brent Horn and Caite Upton, the dating models. Snow and Rosenfeld were not able to make up enough time and were eliminated from the race.

The McCoys, though, received a little more airtime when they did a promotion video for the Academy of Country Music Awards show, which is set for Sunday, April 18, also on CBS. It will actually replace “The Amazing Race” for one week. But the show returns Sunday, April 25, and the cowboys are very much alive for the $1 million first-place prize.

That’s the kind of rhythm they can find, no matter the drum.

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