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It seems the race around the world will continue for Jet and Cord McCoy.

For the fourth time in the 10 episodes of “The Amazing Race,” the cowboys won the leg of the show that aired Sunday, April 25. With it, they won their third trip, adding the Alaskan adventure to the trips to Patagonia in South America and to the Hawaiian island of Maui. Maybe, just maybe, those sailboats won by the brothers from Tupelo will come in handy.

“We won three trips around the world,” said Cord, one of the fan favorites on the Professional Bull Riders tour. “We ain’t going with each other. We’re going with somebody else.”

The race started with the four remaining teams traveling from Singapore, Malaysia, to Shanghai, China. Along the way, the brothers talked about family, with whom they couldn’t have contact during the taping of the show, which ran through the end of November through much of December.

“I have a wife and a 17-month-old girl,” Jet said. “I’m so homesick, I can hardly stand it.”

Cord had just proposed to his fiancé during the PBR World Finals in Las Vegas when he and his brother packed up for the race around the world for the $1 million first-place prize.

“It’s kind of funny to think you ask a girl to spend the rest of her life with ya, and you leave contact,” Cord said.

The McCoys jumped into first place quickly upon arriving in Shanghai, but fell to second by the time they went by boat to their first roadblock.

The teams had to use a Chinese time-honored tradition in making 1 kilogram of noodles. With Jet donning a chef’s outfit, he was the first of the four competitors to complete the task.

“Whoop that pasta, Jet,” Cord said, urging on his older brother.

They then made their way to the fashion district in Shanghai, where they marveled at the scenery.

“I don’t think I could ever see myself navigating Shanghai, China,” Cord said. “They are not afraid to build tall buildings.”

The next challenge was to outfit a model the right clothes as seen in a fashion designer’s drawing. It’s not exactly strapping on chaps for the Oklahoma cowboys.

“Don’t let the clothes fool you,” Cord said. “We’re into the fashion world.”

Asked Jet, “Do you think it’s easier to ride bulls or hunt for clothes?”

“My preference is riding bulls,” Cord said, continuing the joke.

When the model was outfitted correctly, the McCoys moved on to the next roadblock, putting the pieces of a giant puzzle together inside the football stadium at Shanghai – it was the first time in the show that the teams had to work through two roadblocks on a single leg.

When done right, the group of people in the stands holding the individual squares turned the items over and revealed the exact seat where the next clue was.

Since Jet had made the noodles, Cord had to complete the task, even when the wind blew hard enough to move the cardboard paper squares across the stadium.

Once he retrieved the items that blew away, Cord kept them in place with folding chairs and articles of clothing.

“I could tell right off the bat that I had my work cut out for me,” he said. “Throwing a fit and kicking and screaming wasn’t going to help get my puzzle done.”

Upon completing the puzzle, the next clue directed them to the pit stop, the finish line of each leg.

That’s where the last-place team, Michael Naylor and Louie Stravato, found out they were still alive, because the 10th episode was a non-elimination portion of the race.

The detectives will have to work through a speed bump – a challenge only they must complete – in the next episode, set to air at 7 p.m. Sunday, May 2.

“Cord had a great day,” Jet said “The last think I wanted to do was let Jet down,” Cord said.

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