Chickasaw AARP

ADA — Chickasaw AARP Chapter 4113 met March 17 at 12:15 p.m. at the senior site on Chamber Loop. Jeannie Coplin, president, led the meeting. Bernice Patrick gave the secretary’s report. The program was presented by Whitney Holingsworthy, Chickasaw dietician.

Holingsworthy explained about eating a proper diet, including foods from each of the pyramid groups, making sure to get whole grains, vegetables, fruits, milk, lean meat and beans. It is important to stay within your caloric intake according to your age, size and weight to prevent gaining weight. Exercise is also essential.

Twenty-one people attended the meeting. The next meeting will be April 21.


ADA — The CWF/Wimodausis group of First Christian Church met in the fellowship hall April 3, 2006. Lynda Simpson, president, welcomed members and opened the meeting with the CWF prayer. Cares, concerns and celebrations were shared. Mary Scalf served refreshments.

In the business meeting, the minutes for the March 6 meeting were read by Scalf, secretary, and were approved as read. Jane Boomhower gave the treasurer’s report.

Simpson made the following announcements: April 13-UCM Luncheon, provided by First Christian Church; April 29-CWF Spring Preview at Moore Christian Church; and May 7-CWF Indian Group meeting at FCC, Ada.

New business included election of officers for 2006-2007. A complete slate of officers will be presented for consideration at the meeting May 1.

Mary Jo Taylor presented the program titled “Are We There Yet?” She reminded the group of the preparations and information needed for both physical and spiritual journeys. In a spiritual journey, the journey itself is the destination. It is not about getting to the end but about moving in faith each day as God’s witnesses wherever that day is spent. The program concluded with a story about a teenager in Kenya who aspires to become a doctor. Members were asked to have special prayers for the people of Kenya who must overcome many obstacles.

The meeting closed with the CWF benediction.

Those present were Georgia Ball, Jane Boomhower, Betty Duty, Martha Griffin, Derrelyn Metz, Mary Scalf, Lynda Simpson and Mary Jo Taylor.

Mature Melody Makers

ADA — Mature Melody Makers, an adult singing group of First Baptist Church, met April 5, 2006, at the church for a short practice and business meeting. The meeting was opened by Harold Ware, director. Jean Haworth, president, conducted the prayer time, giving the names of members and friends who were ill and in hospitals. The group went by church bus to Ballard’s Nursing Center to present a program for the residents. Ware gave the opening prayer.

Dr. Don Stafford read a poem he had written. The choir sang “Wonder Working Power Medley,” “Victory In Jesus,” “He Lives,” “He Keeps Me Singing,” “There Shall Be Showers of Blessing,” and “Revive Us Again.” Mary Sue Roberts entertained the group by telling humorous stories. The Ladies Ensemble sang “Unworthy One,” “For All My Sins,” and “Unworthy Two.” The Ladies Ensemble consists of Doris Brooks, Jean Haworth, Sue Asklund, Eileen Williams, Martha Martin and Mary Kaye Sodeman.

The Rev. Kenneth Elkins spoke to the residents, thanking them for asking the choir to come and present the program. Those making the trip and presenting the program were Doris Brooks, Jean Haworth, Sue Asklund, Eileen Williams, Don and Martha Martin, Betty and Mann Wynn, Carl Gilley, the Rev. Kenneth and Vonnye Elkins, Holt and Mary Kaye Sodeman, Faye Ford, Mary Sue Roberts, Harold Ware, Dr. Don Stafford, Loy Kidwell, Gertrude Bush, Dorothy Weiss, Doug Davis, Gladys Schiess, Mattie Ruth Whitlock and Willie Mae Williams.

Stafford gave the closing prayer.


ADA — Chimney Hill Daughters of the American Revolution met April 8, 2006, at the Ada Arts and Heritage Center for the Guest Day Luncheon. The ritual was led by Lou Ann Hoover, regent, assisted by Lorraine Hooker, Glendeen Unsell, Charlotte Hollis and Elizabeth Witherow. A covered-dish luncheon was served with spring arraignments. Hostesses were Ann Woolley, Lou Ann Hoover and Charlotte Hollis, assisted by Jessie Glover. Shirley Wilson won the door prize.

Guest speaker, Cynthia Meyerson, Oklahoma City, was introduced by Hoover. Meyerson gave a book review of 1776 by David McCullough, master historian and Pulitzer Prize winning author. Meyerson has been giving book reviews for five years, she has a degree in history and is especially interested in ancient Egyptian history.

How do you bring seat-of-the-pants excitement to events that took place 229 years ago? And when the ending is known to all? McCullough answers these questions emphatically by putting a human face to the events of 1776, when a valiant rag-tag bunch of American farmers, plumbers, and blacksmiths fought the British to secure independence for America. McCullough combed through mountains of historic documents on both sides of the Atlantic to write the narrative of this most important period in American history. His efforts pay off because the reader is caught up with the people and the events, which are portrayed in such fine detail that the excitement is palpable until the very end, even though the outcome is known.

The book is history at its very best. It is compelling as the readers are ushered into ground zero of this pivotal moment in American history.

The next meeting will be held May 9, 2006, at 1:30 p.m., at the Ada Arts and Heritage Center. The speaker will be Dr. Joe Braly, president of Tri County Indian Nations Community (Preserving Area Stories in Time). Hostesses will be Jessie Glover, Tammy Wilson, and Kathy Howry.

Those attending were Cynthia Meyerson and Mary Forrester, Martha Rhynes, Jane Muntz, Shirley Wilson, Peggy Fitter, and Cheryl Bell. Members attending were: Lou Ann Hoover, Carlene Benson, Glendeen Unsell, Charlotte Hollis, Phyllis M. Inslee, Dana Hill, Jessie Glover, Kathy Johnson, Marie Spears, Martha Moyer, Betty R. Duty, Lorraine Hooker, Michele Cook and Elizabeth Witherow.

Ada Garden Club

ADA — The Gladiolus unit of the Ada Garden Club met in the home of Marjo Hudson March 15. The meeting was called to order by Nina Davis, president.

The Gardener’s creed and conservation pledge were led by Juanita Sutton. The treasurer’s report was given by Joyce Craig.

February minutes were read by Juanita Sutton.

A vote was taken to set out redbud trees in the city of Ada.

Craig read a humorous article from the “Oklahoma Gardener” magazine.

Davis presented a program on crepe myrtle.

Refreshements were served to Joyce Craig, Nina Davis, Marjo Hudson, Evelyn Keefer, Emogene Miller, Juanita Sutton and Doris West.

Members were reminded of the next meeting April 12 with Doris West as hostess.

Jolly Elders

ADA — Jolly Elders of Morris Memorial Baptist Church met for breakfast March 2 at J.D.’s Café.

Birthdays for the month were Marvin Byers, Gary Jamar and Simmie Swanson.

The prayer was offered by Barbara Harrison.

Fun Night will be March 24.

Those attending were James and Birdie Abbott, Lois Roper, Clive and Betty Rigsby, Elzie and Joann Priest, Novie and Von Dedmon, Lee and Simmie Swanson, Haskell and Barbara Harrison, Floyd Wilkins, Marietta Walden, Bill and Wanda Osborn and Don Alexander.

The Jolly Elders also met for breakfast March 16 at J.D.’s.

Those attending were Novie and Von Dedmon, Haskell and Barbara Harrison, Floyd Wilkins, Marietta Walden, Bill and Wanda Osborn, Mattie Hunley, Ish Tatum, Clive and Betty Rigsby and Macy and Graham Rigsby.