ADA — History Department of the Tanti Study Club met Nov. 5 in the parlor of the First Untied Methodist Church with Peggy Bagley as hostess.

Charlotte Oxford, president, presided at the meeting. Peggy Bagley led the group in the Club Collect and Verna Rice, secretary, presented the minutes of the October meeting. Members made donations to be given to the Salvation Army for turkeys for Thanksgiving and to send to the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation in memory of Emmett Alletag.

Oxford reported that the Family Crisis Center has requested the following items: alarm clocks, winter gloves, scarfs, socks, umbrellas and hair brushes. It was the consensus of the group to individually obtain these items and bring to the December meeting.

In keeping with Oklahoma’s Centennial celebration, Oxford presented the program highlighting the lives of two influentral women from the state: Wilma Mankiller, first female Chief of the Cherokee Nation and Te Ata (Mary Thompson) , a Chickasaw woman of recent history who kept history alive in the oral tradition.

Those in attendance were Peggy Bagley, Ann Barton, Vivian Blake, Mary Ann Briggs, Dorothy Esamilla, Betty Mitchell, Charlotte Oxford, Sara Pritchett and Verna Rice. Bobby Sachs was a guest.

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