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Ada Evening News

By Randy Mitchell

City Editor

ADA — A man was stabbed during a fight just outside of Ada Saturday and a suspect has been arrested.

The incident happened at a residence on County Road 3590 south of the Homer area. Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian said 27-year-old Benito Ceraya was stabbed and Christopher Easley, 24, Ada, was arrested as a suspect.

Ceraya was taken to Valley View Regional Hospital by his fiancé, Kelsey Bottorff, 26. Bottorff alleged Easley has harassed her for months by sending text messages and calling.

Ceraya and Bottorff said Easley’s grandfather drove Easley to Ceraya’s residence to talk.

“(Ceraya) said he had been having problems with Easley and that (he) showed up at Ceraya’s residence to talk to (Bottorff) and a fight broke out,” Deputy Kevin Wood said in a report. “(Ceraya) advised at some point in the fight (Easley) pulled out a knife and stabbed him.”

Deputies later located the weapon in the front yard of Ceraya’s residence.

“Just west of the knife I observed a large amount of blood in the grass and a shoe laying between the knife and the blood,” Wood said. “I also observed several drops of blood leading to the roadway.”

Ceraya was stabbed in the back and the knife punctured the lung, causing it to collapse.

“I was advised he would be admitted to the hospital for at least three days before he could be released,” Wood said.

Later Saturday, Wood spoke with Christopher Easley’s grandfather, Bob Easley, at his residence.

“Bob stated Christopher asked him if he would drive him to a female’s house because they wanted to talk,” Wood said. “Bob stated that when Christopher got out of the vehicle, people began to assault him. Bob stated that he got out of the truck and a female subject started trying to hit him with a baseball bat.”

Deputies located Christopher Easley in the house and arrested him on suspicion of two counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

“I read Christopher the Miranda Warning and asked him if he wanted to speak to us about what happened,” Wood said. “Christopher stated no, that he would rather have a lawyer. He was transported to the Pontotoc County Justice Center.”

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