Randy Boehmer hitched his wagons to two Belgian Draft Mules on April 1, 2008 and hasn’t veered from the open road since.

He passed through Ada Friday.

“It’s just five mules, two dogs, Jesus and me,” Boehmer said.  There are no vehicles following behind him to help him if he gets lost or breaks down.

Boehmer said he was cleaning out his father’s garage with his brother when his sister said something that hit him hard:  “Whatever you don’t want to take home, haul to the dump.”

“I thought, ‘There has to be more to life than working so hard for things,’” Boehmer said.

Soon after, Boehmer’s wife died of cancer.

“I was wondering about this God that had her soul,” he said.  So he started reading the Bible.  He spent two years in Bible school, shoed horses for seven months and went to Indiana, where he found his first team of mules.  He built two covered wagons in six months and set off on the road to tell people about Jesus.

“I don’t have to do a whole lot of preaching because of what’s on the sides of my wagons,” he said.

“Jesus saves.  Ask him,” one wagon says.

Boehmer has a wood burning stove for warmth, a propane stove for cooking and solar panels for powering his batteries and radio.  He’s been through 17 states.

“We’ve been as far North as Minnesota and as far South as Florida,” he said.  “We go South in the winter and North in the summer.”

Boehmer said he’s enjoyed the trip, so far.

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