Wade Fleming


Authorities charged a man with rape and molestation in Pontotoc County District Court Friday.

Wade Monroe Fleming, 25, Ada, was charged with lewd molestation and first-degree rape by instrumentation after an investigation by Sheriff’s Deputy Will Hayden.

Hayden was called to a residence in the county Oct. 21 about an alleged molestation of a child under the age of 18. Hayden interviewed Fleming, who said he had been staying at the residence.

Fleming said he was sleeping in the same bed as the alleged victim but “to his knowledge, while he was conscious, did nothing more than cuddle by placing his arm over (the alleged victim’s) stomach area,” Hayden said.

Hayden reportedly confronted Fleming about some indescrepencies in his story, saying certain things didn’t sound right.

“I advised Wade that his stories were not adding up and he had been telling me different stories,” Hayden said. “In conclusion to the interview, Wade admitted to (the molestation). I asked him how did it happen and he informed me that (the alleged victim) wanted to date him.”

Fleming is being held at Pontotoc County Justice Center on a $100,000 bond. He is due to reappear in court Dec. 1.

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