Man arrested in burglary investigation


Deputies arrested an Ada man Saturday for an alleged burglary in a rural area east of the city.

Arrested was Blake Braudaway, 32.

Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Deputy Kenneth Heck responded to a burglary-in-progress call at 8:47 a.m. at a ranch off state Highway 1 in the Kullihoma area.

A rancher called and said he was out of state, but his neighbor witnessed a man with a pickup backed up between the rancher’s house and detached garage removing belongings from his home.

The rancher reported the suspect had just left the residence, and the neighbor was following him.

Deputies Eric Holcomb and Brandon Hurley responded to the area where the suspect was traveling, while Heck continued on to the ranch.

“Upon arrival, I observed a large chair in the yard between the house and the detached garage,” Heck said. “I observed what appeared to me to be fresh tire marks in the grass and dirt and several shoe prints in the dirt near the detached garage. I checked the garage which was unlocked, and did not locate anyone inside. I observed several household items and furniture in the back yard, and the house’s back French doors were propped open. I announced my presence and entered the house to check for anyone inside. No one was found.”

Heck noted that the dog door to the residence had been ripped from its frame, and he believed this was where the suspect entered the dwelling.

“I began documenting the scene when I heard Deputy Holcomb announce on the radio that he had located the suspect vehicle on an oilfield leasehold road north of County Road 1515,” Heck said. “Not knowing how many occupants he was dealing with, I responded to assist him.”

Heck arrived at the scene where Holcomb and Hurley had taken Braudaway into custody, along with the pickup the neighbor reportedly witnessed to be at the house.

“I made contact with Braudaway and looked at the bottom of his shoes,” Heck said. “I observed that the pattern on the bottom of his shoes appeared to me to be the same pattern that I observed in the dirt at (the) residence.”

Heck said he photographed Braudaway and showed the photo to the neighbor.

“(The neighbor) immediately identified Braudaway as the man he had seen loading up property at (the rancher’s) house,” Heck said. “(He) further advised that he only saw one person at the house.”

Braudaway was arrested on suspicion of second-degree burglary.

Heck said while conducting an inventory of the pickup, deputies located two checks which belonged to the rancher’s business.