LULA — Lula expects 70-80 people to attend the annual Lula Day get together on Saturday, Oct. 21.

Community volunteer Pat Fortner said “People start coming in around 8:30 and have coffee and visit.

“They bring in their main dish and a dessert and at noon we have lots of food and fun reminiscing,” said Fortner.

The Lula Community Center on Hwy 48 has a double row of donated and framed pictures lining the walls from the entrance to the back of the center.

Some photos are of residents that played on the Lula basketball team. The annual event attracts people who attended school at Lula before the school closed as well as local community members.

“We have a lot of elderly people in the community that manage to come to Lula Day to fellowship. We encourage everyone in the community, and those that used to live here to come for a visit,” said Fortner.

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