By Randy Mitchell

City Editor

ADA — Ada police will begin issuing citations for motorists who stop in roadways to wait in drive-thru lines at busy establishments.

“We have looked at the complaints and believe that this practice does raise the risk factor for potential serious accidents,” said Carl Allen, assistant police chief. “This is also a violation of city ordinance Sec. 70-142.”

The ordinance concerning careless or negligent driving, stopping or parking, says, “It is unlawful to drive, use, park, cause to be parked or stop any vehicle in a careless manner as to endanger life, limb, person, or property, or as to interfere with the lawful movement of traffic or use of streets.”

Allen said the department has received numerous complaints about the lines which usually form at snack stands and drive-thrus at convenience stores and spill out into the roadways.

Police want to warn drivers now as they are planning to issue citations to those who violate the ordinance. The fine for the violation is $140.

“We’re asking for everyone’s cooperation in not stopping in the roadway to wait for an opportunity to enter the property,” Allen said. “Instead, drivers should find a safe place to park off the roadway and walk into the establishment or circle around until an opportunity arises to pull in without backing up traffic. This is a courtesy notice and officers will begin issuing citations to violators without further warning.”

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