Employees of Jan Francis Care Center are asking residents to drop off their old, used bras for a good cause, according to Kelley Bonner, of Jan Francis.

Listeners of an Oklahoma City radio station, KJ103 F.M., came up with the idea to raise awareness of breast cancer. On Saturday, Oct. 25, the radio station will hook the bras end to end to see how far they can go.

“We’re collecting them through Friday night at 9 p.m. (Oct. 24),” Bonner said.

“Their goal is to snap them all together and have a rope of bras that’s over a mile long.”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and they are asking residents to dig through their drawers and find those old bras they’ve been meaning to get rid of, and donate them to the cause.

“They have companies who are donating so much money per bra that gets donated and with us signing up to be a team leader, we’ve got a box down here at Jan Francis where people can come by and drop off their donated bras. We are going to take them up there Saturday morning.”