ADA — Megan Roberts, a 2005 Ada High graduate, has been chosen for the chance of a lifetime. Roberts, along with 19 other talented Oklahomans, will participate in a live reality show on NBC titled “Clash of the Choirs.”

The program will feature five choirs from five states. Oklahoma’s choir is being directed by Ada native, Blake Shelton. The other four choirs are also being directed by famous musicians.

The concept of the show is that each musician chooses choir members from their hometown/state. The choirs will compete live from New York City on NBC, Dec. 17 through 20.

“I had no idea what I was getting into,” Roberts said. “I happened to be in the city that night so I decided to go try out. I thought it would be another cattle call, which it was.

“At first I sang in front of the producers of the show, then about three days later I was called in to do a final audition. That time I sang in front of Blake.”

Roberts is the daughter of Chuck and Lynda Roberts and she has one brother, Michael. Her dad taught Shelton in high school.

“I told Blake about my dad. He said my dad was the meanest history teacher he ever had. He told me that I received negative marks on my score because of my dad, but then he said, ‘Good job. I can’t believe I’m going to let the meanest history teacher’s daughter in.’”

Right now the choir is rehearsing in Oklahoma City. They leave for New York City on Dec. 13 and will spend Dec. 14, 15, and 16 practicing before the show’s live two hour premiere at 7 p.m. central standard time.

“They are going to pick five of us, one from each choir,” said Roberts, “to appear on ‘The Today Show.’ I would like to be one of the ones that goes. I’m also looking forward to seeing New York at Christmas time.”

The charity of the winning choir director’s choice will receive $250,000. Shelton has chosen Project Rebuild. The organization assists victims of natural disasters in Oklahoma.

Roberts is currently a junior majoring in public relations at Oklahoma State University. Prior to “Clash of the Choirs” she has appeared on Nickelodeon’s “Drake and Josh” and “All That.” She has also been on “Passions” which is a daytime soap opera on NBC and a 7-11 commercial.

“I started singing at church when I was six,” Roberts said. “Then when I was about seven I was in a church play called ‘Twinkle the Star’ and I played the role of the Twinkle Star. My brother played a rock. I guess his talent is in sports.”

Roberts participated in the school band until her freshman year of high school. While in high school she competed in vocal music contests and performed in a variety of plays. Roberts, along with two of her friends, formed a local country/western band called Gun Shy.

Her future plans include finishing school and finding a good job in Oklahoma.

“I don’t know yet if I want to go with a music career after college.”

“Clash of the Choirs” will air live Monday - Thursday, Dec. 17 - 20 at 7 p.m. on NBC. Viewers are encouraged to vote during the show for their favorite choir by phoning, texting, or e-mailing.

“Everyone can vote by phone or online,” said Roberts, “so everyone vote.”

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