ADA — Three days before Christmas, an employee of State Farm Insurance in the 2100 block Arlington reported to Ada police the business had been burglarized. Elizabeth “KT” Newcombe, 18, Ada, was arrested on charges for an outstanding warrant and the suspicion of possession of controlled dangerous substances and is expected to have additional charges filed for felony burglary. Initially appearing before Special District Judge John David Miller Friday, Dec. 23, Newcombe’s bond was set to $250,000.

Reported stolen were three digital cameras, MP3 players, $9 in cash and change, a check from a customer for an insurance payment and two bank bags. Police reports the items were found in Newcombe’s vehicle at North Hills Centre where she was detained by Clint Sutton, investigator from the district attorney’s office.

“A confidential informant tipped us off that Newcombe was at North Hills Centre,” Sutton said.

Newcombe gave her permission for the vehicle search from the county jail, according to the police report. Other items found in her possession, according to police reports, included a PDA and two digital memory cards. Two of the cameras, an HP IPAQ and the PDA were inside a brown colored purse and the other items were in a cardboard box addressed to Pam Newcombe, State Farm Insurance. After employees identified the items as those missing they were tagged for evidence.

At the State Farm Insurance business, gouge marks on the back door window and frame were found and a garbage can was left under an open window of the building on the east side, however, dirt and cobwebs indicated entry was not made at the windows. Investigators suspect entry was gained by key.

Damage to the business was limited to disturbed paperwork. It was reported some sort of liquid had been poured over the paperwork in an office and the reception area and some things were on the floor. Another office had paperwork and other property thrown all over, two other offices had things moved and drawers had been riffled through. During cleanup employees noticed business checks and rubber stamps were missing.

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