Local schools are playing the waiting game for final numbers from the state concerning their budgets.  All are having to face tough options, including cutting staff, programs and not hiring to fill positions that will be vacated in the future.

Pat Harrison, superintendent of Ada City Schools, said he is not currently laying off any staff or cutting programs.

“We’re not laying off anybody, riffing anybody or cutting any programs at this point,” he said.  “We’re just trying to handle ours right now through attrition and we’re watching the situation closely to see what we have to do.”

Harrison said attrition would mean the school would look at not replacing staff members who retire.

“We still haven’t gotten our final numbers from the state for this year, yet.  I’m awaiting those numbers so we know exactly what our cuts are going to be this year,” he said.

Janet Blocker of Vanoss and Daniel Pittman of Pickett-Center said their schools would also be looking at attrition rather than cuts in staff or programs, as well.

“I told our teachers that we’re not going to lay off anybody,” Pittman said.

Coalgate and Byng will also not be going through lay-offs.

“We’re not planning to (lay off) at this time,” said Todd Crabtree, superintendent at Byng Public Schools.  “Everybody’s waiting on some numbers from the state department but, no, right now we’re not looking at that.”

Superintendent of Konawa Public Schools, Don Sjoberg, said he was not yet certain whether the school would be laying off staff.

“We’re looking at the very real possibility,” he said.  He said, like other schools, Konawa schools would be waiting to see the numbers from the state.

Brent Walden, superintendent of Stratford Public Schools said his school has had to make the difficult decision of getting rid of staff.

“Not unlike any other school in Oklahoma, we’re facing funding difficulties,” Walden said.  “We riffed four support personnel.”  He said all support personnel were cut back an hour for the semester and no substitute teachers have been hired.  Instead, Walden said, teachers have been filling in for one another.

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