Carlotta Hardin, Certified Groomer and owner/operator of The Grooming Shop in Coalgate has just completed a three day continual education seminar at the Southfork Ranch home of the famous TV Series, DALLAS.

The seminar consisted of a three day series of educational sessions with several Master Pet Stylists from across the country. Pam Lauritzen has been a leader and pioneer within the Pet Styling industry for over 30 years. She has authored numerous articles, books, is a Pet Styling Judge and was instrumental in the creation of Professional PPGC, Inc. where she served as President and has been selected by her peers as the first “Certified Master Groomer and Certifier in the world.”

The educational sessions always refreshes the groomers desire to better serve the client by bringing new and exciting ideas to the salon. “The Spa, Hot Oil Treatment, Good Coat Bad Coat Hair Treatment, Aromatherapy and Hydro Massage, The Pedicure,  How to Handle Problematic Skin Conditions, Pet Care Safety, Animal Management, Evaluating and Styling the Pet, are just a few of the classes attended by Carlotta.

“I have attended this seminar almost every year. I always come back renewed with new ideas and knowledge to promote healthy coat and skin care for my clients.

"If the skin is not healthy the pet will not have a good coat," Carlotta said.

"There for proper nutrition and skin care promotes a healthy coat for the pet. This is why my motto is 'Your Pets Hair Care is my Business'.

"The family pet has now become a family member and is taken to the groomer for special care not just a hair cut.

"I can’t wait to introduce my new found knowledge to my clients.” said Carlotta.

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