ADA — Rain and excessive water weren’t the only damaging effects of nature Monday during the storm that dumped more than five inches of rain on Ada.

According to Ada resident Judy Clayton, lightning struck the corner of a building near where her vehicle was parked, sending a piece of concrete flying, smashing her back window and shattering her windshield.

“When I opened up the front door, I noticed there were bits of concrete in the car,” Clayton said. “Then I looked up and the front windshield was not shattered but it was broken. It looked like a sunburst that was a little bigger than a softball.”

Clayton said she found a chunk of cement on the dashboard bigger than a golf ball, and pieces of the debris about the size of nickels trailing from the front to the back seat.

“On the corner of the building that’s next to us, the foundation was blown out at the corner and there were chunks everywhere,” she said. “At one point there was a huge loud [clap of] thunder. It was so loud, I just jumped.”

Clayton, who purchased her Buick SUV in February and had previous damage done to it, said this time she couldn’t be upset about it.

“I can’t be mad about it, this is just nature.”

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