OKLAHOMA CITY— State lawmakers have set aside June 3 as a day to commemorate an Oklahoman who remains a military hero to both this state and entire nation.

House Concurrent Resolution 1072, by state Rep. Wes Hilliard and state Sen. Johnnie Crutchfield, designates June 3, 2006 as “General Tommy Franks Day” in the state of Oklahoma. The resolution passed the full House of Representatives and Senate this week.

“Tommy Franks has dedicated his life to serving our state and nation for almost 40 years, it is time we dedicate one day to show our appreciation,” said Hilliard, D-Sulphur. “The citizens of Wynnewood already honor Tommy Franks and currently recognize June 3 as his day in the town.”

"General Franks is a living example of the patriotic principles which we hold dear in Oklahoma. His service to his country and his steadfast commitment to freedom around the globe serve as an inspiration to us all," said Crutchfield, D-Ardmore. 

Franks is a native to Wynnewood.

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