Laureate Eta

ADA — Laureate Eta met April 13 at the Kentucky Fried Chicken office. Jane Boomhower led the opening ritual and Mildred West took the roll. Ginger Adair gave the treasurer’s report.

Jean Prater gave the council report about the Founder’s Day Banquet at Daughter’s Dinner Theater. All members paid reservation fees.

The state convetion was discussed and no one could attend this year.

West presented the program on “Salt.” The origin and use of salt is very interesting. Salt was first mentioned in the Bible in the book of Job. Among the many interesting uses of salt are in the cooking, serving and preserving of food, water softening and livestock feed. Also, making a modeling dough for kids play or for making Christmas and Easter or other seosonal decorations, cleaning various items such as flower vases, stain removal, and more.

Of interest is also the origin of the Morton Salt Company’s advertising logo. Wishing to inform the public of the fact that Mortons found a way to keep salt from lumping, the little

‘umbrella girl” logo and slogan were selected aspart of a contest where 12 drawings were to be used in that many issues of “Good Housekeeping” magazine.

The slogan was a remake of the old adage “It never rains but it pours.” Making it shorter, and at the same time, more positive, it became “When it rains, it pours,” showing the rain coming down on the umbrella while the salt the little girl is carrying is still pouring. Both the logo and slogan are patented as is the “pouring spout.”

The closing ritual was said in unison.

Those present were Doris Benefiel, Kathryn Woodruff, Jennie Stone, Hatie Powers, Jean Prater, Jane Boomhower, Ginger Adair and Mildred West.

Vanoss HCE

VANOSS — Vanoss Home and Community Education met Wednesday,m April 12, 2006, for its monthly business meeting. The group met in the clubhouse at Vanoss, with the meeting being called to order at 10 a.m. by Oma Waters, vice-presdent.

Ann Stevenson presented the inspirational thoughts about forgiveness. She spoke about both asking for forgiveness from others and granting it to those who ask it of you.

Jessie Welch led the group in pledging allegiance to the American Flag, Carolynn Pittman led the group in reading the OHCE creed in unison and Arminda McCauley led in singing “Happy Birthday” to Tyler Stringer.

Membership roll call was answered by 14 ladies telling of the manners that children should be taught in early childhood. Martha Miller read the minutes of the March 2006 meeting, which were approved as read. Jewell Nessel gave a financial report for the month, stating the garage/bake sale was very profitable. Pittman gave a report of the garage sale project. Jean Beth Martin reported on the preparation for the Pontotoc County Quilt Show. She also mentioned the need to start on the annual project of making and donating a quilt to the volunteer firemen in Vanoss.

The date chose for clean-up day at the old Midland Cemetery, just west of Vanoss, is May 20, 2006. All volunteer help will be greatly appreciated.

The group will provide six dozen cookies May 1 to help the County OHCE make trays of goodies for local businesses and leaders who support HCE’s work throughout the year.

The eldest member of the Vanoss group, Estaline Waters, did a great job of presenting the program “Properly Polished.”

Martin and Nessell were hostesses for the lunch.

Those attending were Alpha Hunt, Ann Stevenson, Estaline Waters, Carolynn Pittman, Zamora Stringer, Arminda McCauley, Jewell Nessel, Oma Waters, Patsy Coffey, Jean Beth Martin, Jessie Welch, Martha Miller, Nina Tiffin and Patty Rost.