Konawa City Council members voted Monday evening to make hooking up to the city sewer system mandatory in city limits.

“We have to do this in order to comply with United States Department of Agriculture’s requirements,” Rita LoPresto, city manager, said.  “The gist of it is, if you have a home in the city of Konawa, you have to connect to a sanitary sewer.”

LaDonna Bryce, councilor, expressed concern about forcing city residents currently using septic systems to tie on with the sewer system.

“I’m not for making people hook up who don’t want to hook up,” Bryce said.

Council members voted to allow residents utilizing septic systems on or before Nov. 15 to opt out of tying on with the city’s sewer system.

Councilors also voted to declare 14 properties in the city a nuisance because of dilapidated structures and/or unkempt lawns, including four properties on Main Street.  Five of the properties under consideration were cleaned up before council met and were not considered a nuisance.

Councilors voted to write off all fines owed to the city of Konawa prior to January 2007 in order to ensure notices are timely.

“We don’t intend to let this happen again,” LoPresto said.

At the Public Works Authority meeting, LoPresto said the city would be performing a smoke test on the city’s waste-water lines in the near future for Department of Environmental Quality.

“I don’t want everybody to panic because they’re going to think their houses are on fire if they don’t have back-flow preventers,” she said.  

She said she would let residents know when the smoke test would be before it was performed.

If personal lines are smoking during the test, residents will receive a letter saying the line must be repaired within two weeks or their water will be turned off.  When lines are repaired, someone from the city will inspect the liens before they’re covered.

“This is a requirement,” LoPresto said.  “I’m guessing it will be within the next couple of months.”

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