KONAWA — When it comes to finding out what really matters in life, work or family, Konawa’s former vice mayor has the answer.

Styron Douthit resigned Thursday, June 8, as Konawa’s vice mayor for reasons as clear as being with his family. “It was too good a deal to pass up. I miss them,” said Douthit.

The resignation may seem sudden to an outsider but to the Konawa City Council, it made perfect sense. Mayor Bob Rounsaville said he had a feeling it was coming. “He had talked about it [resigning] before and changed his mind,” Rounsaville said. However, when the time came to make the final decision, “He handled his resignation properly.”

Douthit went to the city manager and asked for his resignation to be placed on the June 8 city council meeting agenda. Before the meeting began, Douthit pulled Mayor Rounsaville aside and told him of his resignation. “He talked to me,” Rounsaville said.

Douthit’s resignation was not an urgent one, as he is not planning to move until mid-August, but he said he needed to get his affairs in order before the big move.

“With a major move like this, a man has to think about it quite a bit,” said Douthit.

Even with the high volume of resignations in the Konawa City Council, Jack Merrell and Brent Daniels resigned in May, Rounsaville said he does not see a connection. “A bunch resigned but all basically for personal reasons,” he said. Rounsaville said he feels confident in his city council members and they have recently appointed a new member, Van Chew, to fill the empty seat left by Douthit.

A new vice-mayor is planned to be elected at the next city council meeting Thursday, July 13.

Looking back on his time serving as vice mayor, Douthit said “I hope I did Konawa some good.”

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