The Kiwanis Safe Swim Program, sponsored by the Kiwanis of Greater Ada, is held at the  Ada City Pools Wintersmith and Glenwood.  

The American Red Cross water safety program is celebrating 100 years of water safety developed by Commodore Longfellow. 

The local swim program  is run by Sue Ellen (McFarlane) Frerichs and assisted by Stacy Oakley.  

Both are water safety instructor trainers and lifeguard instructor trainers who have been  with the program since the early 1990s.  

In Ada, 429 swimmers were trained this summer in a seven-week program, from swimmers just starting out in infant and pre-school aquatics to lifeguarding and water safety.  

The mission of the program is to teach people to be safe in the water. 

The American Red Cross states at Level 3 students are proficient swimmers but encourages them to continue on through Level 5, at which time a junior lifeguarding program and Level 6 fitness, diving and personal safety are available.  

The Kiwanis Safe Swim Program trained five new water safety instructors this year and provided lifeguard training for Ada, Pauls Valley, Shawnee and Hugo plus local camps and waterfronts including the Elks Lodge in Ada.  

In this group is an American Red Cross Guard Start/Jr. Lifeguarding program that develops leadership and aquatic skills for ages 10-14 year olds.  

The seven-week program provides them with stroke technique, basic rescue skills, CPR, volunteer hours, and instructor aide skills.  

These students are future water safety instructors and lifeguards. They also teach Longfellow's Whale Tales in the schools and organizations during the fall and spring.