OKLAHOMA CITY — The Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma, (ACCO), recently hosted its fall Conference at the Marriott Hotel in Oklcahoma City. Joining the county commissioners by participating in training and information exchange opportunities were other county and state elected officials and county staff.

The General Session included the election of the ACCO Executive Board President for 2006-2007. The newly elected ACCO president is Mike Thompson from Johnston County.

The 231 county commissioners representing 77 counties of Oklahoma elect a fellow commissioner with proven leadership skills to represent them as president of their Association of County Commissioners. Thompson, county commissioner of Johnston County, has served on the ACCO board as secretary- treasurer for two years and as vice-president for two years prior to being elected as president.

Thompson also served as chairman of the ACCO Education Committee which works with the OSU accreditation programs to provide training to county commissioners and other county officers. Thompson previously served on the ACCO Seld Insurance Group (SIG) and ACCO Self Insurance Fund (SIF) boards until he became president of the Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma. These self insurance programs provide many counties in Oklahoma with work compensation coverage and liability insurance.