TISHOMINGO- Murray State College students searching in the library for the grey haired man with glasses who answers obscure questions and knows where everything is will have to look elsewhere for assistance. Jim Kennedy’s twenty-nine years of service and answers to the institution as head librarian ends January 2008.

Kennedy, a graduate of San Diego State University and North Texas State University, has always had local ties to the surrounding communities. His opportunity to work for Murray State College began in 1979 when his parents decided to move from San Diego, California, to Ardmore for retirement. At this time, Kennedy and his wife, Geneva, along with his two sons, Scott and Doug, decided the move to Tishomingo to set up residency was needed.

“It is a move we never regretted,” stated Kennedy.

While at Murray State College, Kennedy states that the one thing he is most proud of is always being responsive.

“I always tried to be responsive to everybody’s questions and requests for assistance. I didn’t always succeed in coming up with what they wanted or needed, but I pretty much always made an honest effort to do so.

“After I get over the shock of not having to show up around here anymore, I plan on spending a lot of time visiting and running around with my two grandsons (Ian and I-Kang) who live in Norman, and although only 1st and 3rd graders, are already my intellectual superiors. I also want to do something to help others - God has been so good to me and I want to help to do something that will benefit somebody else. I would also like to try a business venture.”

Kennedy parted with a story about his recent fiftieth reunion of the 1957 graduating class in San Diego.

"It was a large class, almost 900 students, and if you would have asked every one of them: Will Jim Kennedy graduate from college? All of them, including myself, would have said NO, no way! And a librarian? Hah, hah, that’s hilarious. That may be a little weird, but nevertheless, it makes me feel good.”

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