ADA – An unconscious woman was allegedly raped in the Ada city jail Oct. 19 according to a male trustee who told jailers he witnessed another female inmate committing the act.

According to an affidavit of probable cause filed by Ada Police Officer Shane Jones, Sondra Sue Gardner, 43, Ada, admitted her attraction to women, but said she was too drunk to remember whether she did it or not, but that it was possible. Gardner was charged for suspicion of rape by instrumentation.

Ricky Williams, 45, told jailers the details he witnessed in the drunk tank for at least an hour and a half. “The girl passed out and never did wake up,” he said.

Williams said he was moved to the Pontotoc County jail after telling a jailer what he saw going on in the cell between the two women. Appearing in court Thursday, Williams accepted a recommended sentence of five years to serve in the Department of Corrections for pleading guilty to sexual battery. Williams had been released from prison and was on probation at the time he was charged with the sexual offense and appears in court this morning to receive formal sentencing.

Williams had been moved to the city jail after being incarcerated at the Pontotoc County jail and making formal complaints against the overcrowding and below standard condition of the jail.

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