ADA – Assistant District Attorney Chris Ross confirmed an investigation is ongoing in a case of rape by instrumentation in the city jail drunk tank charged against Sondra Sue Gardner, 43, Ada.  “We had a witness that said he saw it. We are doing testing to see if there is DNA evidence,” said Ross.

 According to police reports, Gardner and Sunny Louise Stone, aka Shaw, 36, and Jayson Shaw, 24, all of Ada, were arrested after a report of disturbance at an apartment involving intoxicated subjects having sex in front of a young child in the 100 block of W. 18th.

A witness, who said she lived in the apartment told officers Stone and Shaw did not live there, but were intoxicated and nude in the living room with Gardner having sex together. The 7-year-old child had been taken to another apartment where an adult was calling the child’s mother at her place of work.

Ada Police Capt. Lynn Haines reported Stone was lying on the floor extremely intoxicated when officers arrived at the scene, so much so that officers were unable to understand her speech. Officers investigating the scene arrested Stone for city warrants and located Gardner walking around in the bushes near the apartment building and arrested her for public intoxication. 

Jayson Shaw was charged with lewd acts with a child under 16 years of age and municipal charges of disturbance by drunk and a warrant for unpaid fines.  His $25,000 bond was set by Judge John David Miller.

The alleged rape of Stone occurred after the three were booked into the city jail. Stone, according to the affidavit of probable cause filed by Ada Police Detective Shane Jones, told investigators she did not consent to sex with Gardner while in the city jail.

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