ADA — “When I Find Bin Laden,” an independent film produced by Phigment Philms, Oklahoma City, will premiere March 25 at the Cinema Centre 8, Shawnee. Script for the film was written by Ada resident Mark Walling, professor of English at East Central University.

"I was close with a script in Los Angeles about corporate corruption three years ago," Walling said.

"Phigment is a new company. I know James Bridges, an ECU graduate, who was heavily involved with the group. I talked with James at some length about an idea concerning a philosopher-criminal who roams the countryside, avoiding detection. James loved it," he said.

The film does not concern the actual figure of Osama bin Laden. Instead, it explores the underground methamphetamine world, where a legendary figure lurks, flaunting his ability to remain outside the law. This elusive character draws comparisons with himself and bin Laden, hence the film's title.

“When I Find Bin Laden” follows one man's journey in search of this bizarre figure.

"The main character is a very sympathetic guy in his twenties," Walling said. "He's released from prison at the outset of the film and wants to go straight. But when an old friend of his is arrested, he volunteers to help the police bring down this larger than life character in order to reduce his friend's punishment."

The film takes the audience on a journey into the "crank" world where a number of eccentric and dangerous characters exist.

"The film is very explicit," Walling said. "It's not for children. We wanted to create an environment that was troubling but believable. Most films about drug life become hyper-kinetic and intense, but that's not how people experience life, even drug users. One of the things James loved about the script is how mundane yet strange many of the characters are. One guy sports a mohawk, spouts Nazi ideology, does meth in front of his children, but won't let them watch Sponge Bob because of the negative influence it will have on his kids. That's the crank world in this film," Walling said.

Phigment Philms is now entering the film in various film festivals and competitions. For information about the premiere, go to

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