Incident at local school leads to felony charge

John Linebarger

A sexual encounter at a local school recently led to a felony charge being filed.

Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Deputy Derek Stewart responded to Byng High School Jan. 8 and spoke with principal Michael Tamez.

Tamez said a 15-year-old student reported that she had oral sex with John Patrick Linebarger, 19, in the school’s auditorium while the two were at lunch, according to a report by Stewart.

“Tamez advised me this reportedly happened before school let out for Christmas break,” Stewart said.

Tamez and a school counselor spoke with Linebarger and the 15-year-old about what happened. Both reportedly made statements.

“In Linebarger’s statement, it says he did not want to do it at the school, but (she) talked him into it,” Stewart said. “Linebarger said he thought (she) was 16 whenever she performed oral sex on him, but whenever he found out she was 15, he ended the relationship.”

Stewart also read a statement by the girl.

“In (her) statement, she states that Linebarger pressured her into giving him oral sex and she did it just to get it over with so he would leave her alone,” Stewart said.

Linebarger was arrested and taken to the Pontotoc County Justice Center. He later posted a bond of $25,000 and was released.

Linebarger was charged Jan. 9 in Pontotoc County District Court with forcible sodomy.

Under Oklahoma law, forcible sodomy occurs when a person over the age of 18 accomplishes sexual penetration, however slight, with a child under the age of sixteen.

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