ADA — Follow the yellow brick road to Pontotoc County Health Department for its Immunization Fair Thursday.

Characters from the Wizard of Oz, games and activities for children will be there. Children will have an opportunity to win prizes. Popcorn and other refreshments will be provided.

No red slippers are required, but officials do encourage parents to take their children’s immunization records.

The week of April 22-29 has been designated as National Infant Immunization Week to help ensure children have all their vaccinations by age 2.

Vaccines are one of history’s most successful and cost-effective public health tools for preventing serious disease and health. Diseases that were once common — such as polio, measles, mumps whooping cough, diphtheria and rubella — are now only distant memories for most Americans, sponsors say.

Today, there are few reminders of the suffering, disabilities and premature deaths caused by diseases that are now preventable with vaccines.

Immunization coverage among children in the United States is the highest ever recorded for most vaccines. High Immunization coverage translates into record or near record low levels of vaccine-preventable disease.

Low immunization coverage is an issue that affects the entire community. Therefore, community participation is essential to increasing immunization coverage.

A decision to not only protect that individual child, but to protect the community as well by reducing the spread of disease to those who have not been vaccinated either by choice or because of other reasons, such as children with leukemia.

For more information, phone the health department at (580) 332-2011.