With new management and recently paid off bonds, Valley View Regional Hospital senior staff realizes the “new” hospital isn’t that new anymore.

Kent Rogers, VVRH CEO, and fellow senior staffer Danny Coates asked Ada City Council for funding for a Master Facility Plan Monday night.

Rogers said the hospital is an aging facility. He said when the facility was built 25 years ago, most procedures were in-patient. Now, the majority of business is out patient. Rogers said the hospital needs updating to accommodate the shift in business.

Coates said the architects the hospital would hire would remodel the hospital to function better with space and business and the level of care within each department.

Rogers said the process will take several years to complete.

The cost of hiring the architects would be $49,200 plus reimbursables. Council approved the expenditure to not exceed $55,000.

Councilman Dick Scalf said the money comes from revenue collected from the one-cent sales tax after the VVRH bonds were paid off but before the new tax went into effect.

The money has to be spent to improve the hospital or the surrounding area and each expenditure must be approved by council.

In other business, council went into executive session to discuss the purchase of real property. After council reconvened in open session, they approved the next item, which was a request from Ada Jobs Foundation to buy the Remington Building at 1900 A Street in Ada for $225,000 from Proposition 2 money.

During his reports, City Manager David Hathcoat said the Citizen’s Advisory Committee for the one-cent sales tax are close to presenting building sites for the new police station/911 center and fire department.

Hathcoat also asked Rita Cloar to speak on behalf of Rotary Club about the Armory being converted into a museum.

“This is a very important project to Rotary Club,” Cloar said. “Our commitment is strong to see this project through.” She said the club would have a written update within the next two weeks about the progress being made on the armory.

Joe Braly spoke during persons to be heard on items not on the agenda. He said he believed public discussion about selling the armory should be used for such possible purchases — referring to the recent rumor about the armory being for sale.