ADA — Tri-CountyOK is working with Loveland, Colo.-based Group Workcamps Foundation to organize a camp that will provide free home repairs for the elderly, low-income or disabled families in Pontotoc County this summer.

The camp is scheduled to commence on June 26 and last until July 1.

Amy Childers-Elliott, Programs Coordinator for Tri-CountyOK, said repairs that will be offered will include interior and exterior painting, weatherization, porch and wheelchair work and other various duties, all free of charge.

“Group Workcamps Foundation will be coordinating up to 400 Christian youth and adults to volunteer their time, energy, and resources to work on approximately 60 to 80 homes in our area,” Elliott said. “Group Workcamps Foundation will provide $30 per registered participant for the purchase of building materials, such as lumber, paint and caulking for the project.”

According to Elliott, Tri-County’s role is to identify the homes for repair, assess the home repair needs, raise $19,000 for construction supplies and coordinate community involvement.

“At this time we are looking for homes for the kids to work on, taking donations to offset Tri-County’s commitment of funds and looking for volunteers to help during the week of camp,” she said. “As I have already stated, these repairs are absolutely free to the homeowner. I think it will benefit the community and let the people get the help they need.”

Group Workcamps Foundation was formed in 1977 with the Colorado Flood Disaster Recovery Workcamp. Since the inception, thousands of young men and women and adult leaders have participated in hundreds of workcamps throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

For more information about the project, or to sign up to be a volunteer, contact Tri-CountyOK at (580) 310-9300.