An Ada family was left without a home after their residence was heavily damaged by fire Wednesday, but firefighters were able to save much of the home’s contents.

The fire — in the 900 of S. Johnston — was called in to central dispatch just before 1 p.m. A neighbor reported smoke coming from the house.

Ada Fire Department Assistant Chief Rob Johnson said when firefighters arrived, thick smoke was billowing from gables at each end of the structure’s roof.

He said the home, originally a one-story, had an added room built into the attic and the fire was located between the upstairs room wall and the roof of the house.

Firefighters used drive-in nozzles to extinguish the fire. A drive-in nozzle has a sharp tip and sprinkler head which allows firefighters to stab it through a roof to douse attic fires.

Off-duty firefighters were called in and used heavy tarps to cover furnishings in the house to protect them from water damage. Items not covered were taken outside to dry.

Ada Fire Marshal Justin Priest said the fire started where several wires came together in the attic and damage from flames was contained to the attic. The Red Cross was called in to assist the family.

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