Roff town council held a formal hearing Monday night for Glen Bohannon, former Roff police chief.

Kurt Sweeney, Bohannon’s attorney, said he believes Bohannon’s termination was motivated by personal issues with members of the council.

“I think what you’ve done is taken out of vengeance and spite and not according to the great laws that you should be governed by,” Sweeney said.

Sweeney questioned Bohannon about the reasons given for his termination.  Bohannon said he received no written or verbal reprimands from the council.  He said individual council members approached him about some of the reasons given for his termination.

“There is a provision (in the town code) which says that the chief of police is subject to the supervision and control of the board of trustees,” Sweeney said.

“We would ask the council to note that a request by a council member has no force if it is just one council member.  It needs to be an action by your town council, by your own code, in order for it to be something that would be a fireable offense or a violation of a policy.”

Roff Police Officer Tom Cox, who was an officer under Bohannon and was suspended for a period when David Thomas became police chief, testified that he has seen no evidence to justify Bohannon’s termination.

“Gentlemen, whatever your feelings may have been for Chief Bohannon — whatever axes you had to grind — we live in America.  This is the United States,” Sweeney said.  “We are bound by our laws.  If you don’t follow them, how can you expect the citizens to follow them?  You need to be the example.”

Penrod made a motion to take no action.  It passed with votes from Penrod, Ed Tingle and Mitchell Smith.  McCaskill made a motion to reinstate Bohannon.  

It was seconded by Angie Hyatt but didn’t pass.

Sweeney said no legal action would be taken until new Roff councilors from Tuesday’s election take office.  He said he and Bohannon are seeking Bohannon’s reappointment to police chief, back pay and attorney fees.

Council members also discussed purchasing a new mower for the city.  McCaskill suggested that council wait to make the decision until new members pending Tuesday’s election took office.  Tingle said council should go ahead and purchase the mower.

Following a short disagreement involving Tingle, McCaskill, Penrod and a Roff resident, the resident stood up and left the meeting.

“(Expletive deleted) you, you son of a (expletive deleted),” said the resident.

“(Expletive deleted) you,” said Mayor Penrod.  “You get out of here.”

No action was taken regarding purchasing a mower.