ADA — Kevin Lane Hawkins, 42, Ada, charged with rape of a monor, originally chose to take his case to court Tuesday refusing a plea agreement offer for a sentence of 40 years.

But as the trial was about to begin, Hawkins changed his plea, with advice from his court appointed attorney Jason Christopher, to no contest to each of the 12 counts charged against him.

“Your honor, my client is going to enter a blind plea,” Christopher said.

The charges against Hawkins include two counts of each of the following: Rape in the first degree, for which the sentence could be as much as life in prison, forceable sodomy, sentence range is up to 20 years, procuring or producing juvenile pornography, sentence range up to 15 years, second degree rape, sentence range from not less than one year up to 20 years, lewd molestation, ranging from one to 20 years and lewd exhibition, for which Hawkins could receive up to 30 days of incarceration.

Judge Thomas Landrith swore the defendant in before asking a series of questions to determine if Hawkins understood and was willfully entering the plea of his own free will. Hawkins pleaded no contest to each of the 12 counts charged against him.

A no contest plea has the same effect as a guilty plea but is not an admission of guilt. Judge Landrith ordered a pre-sentencing investigation to be conducted by the Probation Department.

The investigation will not only include work and personal background information, medical history, substance abuse history, prior convictions, interviews and letters from family members, any victim impact statements, but a series of tests to determine the appropriate level of security and placement in the report to the judge. The investigation also takes into account the defendant’s behavior and cooperativeness in providing accurate and complete information.

The court permits the defendant time to review the report before the sentencing hearing, which in this case is set for Jan. 22, 2007.

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